Hydra Steel All Natural Herbal Advanced Diuretic Formula for Rapid Water Loss - Prevents Bloating - Electrolyte Support - 80 Capsules - Made in USA

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Brand: SteelFit


  • Drop Unwanted Water Weight Fast: Hydra Steel is an advanced, all-natural diuretic supplement to help you shed unwanted water weight while preserving valuable electrolytes that support optimal muscle function and performance. Hydra Steel works quickly, in as little as 10 days, helping you achieve the lean, ripped, chiseled physique you've always wanted.
  • All Natural, Herbal Formula: Unlike synthetic diuretics that deplete your body of valuable electrolytes, Hydra Steel uses only natural ingredients that safely eliminate unwanted water from your body, while restoring valuable electrolytes. Ensuring that you're never at risk for cramping, dehydration, or other issues assorted to diuretics use.
  • Added Electrolytes: Traditional diuretics increase urine excretion of both water and electrolytes. Typical prescription diuretics inhibit electrolyte reabsorption, which enhances water removal from the body, but this puts you at risk for hypokalemia, low potassium. Hydra Steel combats the issues of conventional diuretics by including potassium and magnesium, two essential electrolytes that are commonly lost when using diuretics.
  • Dandelion Root (500 mg/serving): The Holy-Grail of diuretic ingredients, research notes that dandelion increases the activity of the kidneys as well as the frequency of urination. Additionally, dandelion helps remove excess water from the body without dehydrating you, unlike prescription diuretics. Dandelion is able to support hydration due to its high content of potassium, a vital mineral lost in vast quantities when using traditional diuretic options.
  • Formulated for Both Men and Women

Publisher: SteelFit

Details: Achieve a ripped, hard look and gain a competitive edge on the competition in as little as 10 days. Hydra Steel works quickly and safely to help flush out excess water while replenishing essential electrolytes to help maintain muscle performance and fullness. Hydra Steel can also be taken to help you lose unwanted water weight and bloat before a photo shoot or special occasions such as a wedding or vacation!

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Package Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.3 x 2.2 inches

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