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The Hely Weber TKO (The Knuckle Orthosis) Boxer's Fracture Splint is the most versatile brace for hand injuries including metacarpal fractures, or collateral ligament injuries of the phalanges. The TKO effectively immobilizes the hand to not allow rotation of the fourth/fifth fingers. It's suitable for both non-surgical treatment, as well as, for protection following surgical reduction of a metacarpal fracture. This Boxer's fracture splint has a "window" to accommodate pins in the fourth or fifth metacarpals on the medial side of the brace, and a moldable, padded aluminum stay to maintain the required degree of PIP flexion for a collateral ligament injury. The aluminum stay can be easily bent in seconds to place the last two fingers in the perfect healing position. The boxer's fracture splint is a one size fits all product that can be used on any size patient with a metacarpal fracture. Unlike hard plastic splint designs, this model is comfortable to wear day or night and can be washed in the sink if needed. The item's velcro straps are easy to fasten in place for the right level of support and comfort. If needed, the physician can examine the hand more easily compared to an applied cast, and the material will not interfere with taking x-rays of the fracture. Non-Returnable if used or altered.

  • Nylon outer shell with a tricot covered foam lining.
  • Imported
  • The Hely & Weber TKO (The Knuckle Orthosis) is indicated for ligament injuries, Boxer's fracture and other fractures of the metacarpals and proximal phalanges.
  • Padded Aluminum stays for extra comfort.
  • Straps are infinitely adjustable for fit and comfort (pain & swelling).
  • Distal buddy strapping eliminates rotation of the finger.
  • Padded stays are malleable.

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