Carpet Fresh Rug and Room Deodorizer with Baking Soda

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Brand: Carpet Fresh


  • EASY-TO-USE: Use Carpet Fresh every time you vacuum. Simply sprinkle evenly over a carpeted area by shaking container from side to side. Wait just 5 minutes and vacuum as usual. Avoid use on wet or damp areas
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Carpet Fresh Rug and Room Deodorizer with Baking Soda has countless applications. Try using the powder to freshen upholstery, musty basements, garbage cans, kitty litter boxes, car interiors and more
  • FRESH GERDENIA SCENT: Carpet deodorizer features a unique scent reminiscent of a bouquet of fresh cut gardenia flowers. A clean, floral fragrance for any room
  • POWERFUL DEODORIZER: Carpet Fresh Rug and Room Deodorizer features a powerful, potent formula that will remove stale smells from any room. For problem odors, simply use slightly more product
  • MADE WITH BAKING SODA: Baking soda absorbs bad odors and stains with ease. Carpet Fresh is made with baking soda to clean rugs and rooms instead of harsh chemicals

Publisher: WDAAB

Details: Carpet Fresh Gardenia Powder Rug & Room Deodorizer captures the essence of fresh cut gardenias without the big florist bill. Everyday odors from cooking, pets, cigarette smoke, and more can get trapped in carpet fibers. Over time, they grow musty and stale, making your carpet smell dirty. Carpet Fresh contains super odor eliminators that penetrate deep into carpet fibers to leave carpets smelling fresh

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